Connexionécurité/Hero Home Banner/Modern Mission Critical-id-1362

Modern Mission Critical
Solving complex IT challenges at the intersection of modern and mission criticalés/application-managed-service/Hero Home Banner/Transforming-Workspace-Productivity-id-1804
Transforming Workspace Productivity
Start the journey from a traditional, device-centric landscape to a modern, user-centric landscape.’entreprise/clearpath-systems/Hero Home Banner/Unisys Boosts the Power and Flexibility of ClearPath Systems-id-1381
Advanced New Fabric Architecture
Unisys boosts the power and flexibility of ClearPath Systemsécurité/Hero Home Banner/Critical Infrastructure Security-id-1380
Critical Infrastructure Security
Research shows alarming gaps in the security of the world's critical infrastructure providerségiques/protéger-vos-actifs-sécurisez-vos-opérations/Hero Home Banner/Unisys Security Index 2014-id-17
Unisys Security Index
Donne un aperçu global des préoccupations de sécurité des consommateurs Release/Unisys-Presents-Lighthouse-Awards-to-Clients-and-Partners-for-Innovations-in-Mission-Critical-Computing’entreprise/clearpath-systems/News Release/TravelSky-Taps-Power-of-Unisys-ClearPath Release/Unisys-Announces-Senior-Leadership-Transitionés/News Release/Unisys-to-Provide-Full-Range-of-IT-Support-Services-to-Army-Personnel Release/Unisys-Announces-Date-of-Third-Quarter-2014-Financial-Results-and-Conference-Call

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  • Unisys RSS Leading Edge Technology to Support City of Minneapolis Mobility Initiativeé/Case Study/City-of-Minneapolis-Mobility-Initiative-id-462
Adopt an Agile, Phased Approach to Mobility
​Created mobility solution to support, govern and secure wireless devices in City of Minneapolis

Public Sector
Mobilize Your Workforce
Mobility;Public Sector Industry Solutions Holistic Approach to Enterprise Social Business Transformation Study/A-Holistic-Approach-to-Enterprise-Social-Business-Transformation-id-639
​A Holistic Approach to Enterprise Social
Improve workplace collaboration, drive innovation, and gain competitive advantage

Social Business

Increase Employee Effectiveness;Increase Enterprise Agility;Optimize Customer Experiences;Business Drivers
Social Business;Ensemble Unified Communications;Enterprise Social Business Transformation;Building and Maintaining Impactful Communities;Critical Knowledge Transfer;Driving Efficiency Through Collaboration;Driving Innovation;Leveraging Social Data Analytics;Maximizing User Adoption and Benefit Capture;Setting the Social Business Vision and Strategy;Socially Enabling Your ERP;Socially Enabling Your Extranet$1.32MAnnually.jpgSecure Gateway Keeps Australian Immigration Systems Protected and Accessible, Saves AUD$1.32M Annuallyécurité/Case Study/Secure-Gateway-Keeps-Australian-Immigration-Systems-Protected-id-451
Keeping Systems and People Safe
Secure Gateway saves AUD$1.32M annually

Security Solutions
Public Sector
Secure Your Operations
Public Sector Industry Solutions United Financial Agents Go Mobile Study/Catholic-United-Financial-Agents-Go-Mobile-id-449
Streamline Access to Member Information
​Web-based access to insurance business processes boosts efficiency, service

Financial Services
Financial Services
Increase Enterprise Agility;Mobilize Your Workforce;Globalize Your Operations;Increase Employee Effectiveness;Optimize Customer Experiences
High-End Servers;ClearPath Systems;Mobility;Financial Services Industry Solutions$80MillionExpenditurebyModernisingRatherthanReplacingSystemsAndRunsBusinessasUsual.jpgNZTA Avoids Up To NZ$80 Million Expenditure by Modernising Rather than Replacing Systems And Runs Business as Usual Operations During IT System Modernisation Project Study/NZTA-Avoids-Up-To-NZ80-Million-Expenditure-by-Modernising-id-466
​​The Business Critical Modernisation Roadmap
NZTA avoids up to NZ$80 million expenditure by modernising rather than replacing systems

Mobilize Your Workforce
Transportation Industry Solutions People Computing
​​​Unisys People Computing

At Unisys, we believe that there is a direct correlation between the complexity of your IT environment and the rate of your organizational velocity​

Industry Solutions

Managed Services and Outsourcing;Industry Solutions Infrastructure and Application Assessment
ITSM Infrastructure and Application Assessment
Is there a need for an objective diagnosis and remediation plan?

ITSM Workshop

Increase Enterprise Agility;Transform Business Processes;Ensure Critical Business Performance;Improve Operational Efficiency
ITSM Workshop;Service Management;Edge Service Management by Unisys Fabric-Based Systems’entreprise/clearpath-systems/Brochure/ClearPath-Fabric-Based-Systems-id-1265

ClearPath Fabric-Based Systems​

​ClearPath Systems: mission-critical power, performance, innovation

ClearPath Systems
Public Sector

ClearPath Dorado 4350 and 4370 Systems;ClearPath Dorado 4380 and 4390 Systems;ClearPath Dorado 6380 and 6390 Systems;ClearPath Libra 4280 and 4290 Systems;ClearPath Libra 6380 and 6390 Systems;ClearPath Libra 8380 and 8390 Systems! by Unisys Executive Brief Overview’entreprise/forward-by-unisys/Brochure/forward-by-unisys-executive-brief-overview-id-1399

​​Forward! Executive Brief Overview

​​Why mission-critical apps are going Forward!

Forward by Unisys

Secure Your Operations;Ensure Critical Business Performance;Transform Business Processes;Improve Operational Efficiency;Increase Enterprise Agility;Optimize Customer Experiences
High-End Servers;Forward by Unisys;Data Center Consolidation;SAP Migration;UNIX to Linux Migration Stealth for Network Securityécurité/unisys-stealth/Brochure/Unisys-Stealth-for-Network-Security-id-597
Unisys Stealth for Network Security
You can’t hack what you can’t see

Unisys Stealth

Secure Your Operations;Ensure Critical Business Performance;Transform Business Processes;Improve Operational Efficiency;Increase Enterprise Agility;Optimize Customer Experiences
Unisys Stealth;Stealth for Network Security Morrisés/workspace-services/Thought Leader/Weston-Morris-id-878
Strategic Planning - Desktop Virtualization & Mobility Initiatives

Leads the architecture for Unisys MyWork Services Portfolio in Global Managed Services

Workspace Services
Public Sector
Mobilize Your Workforce;Increase Employee Effectiveness;Optimize Customer Experiences Frymierécurité/Thought Leader/Dave-Frymier-id-826
Deploy Effective Global Information Security Policies

​Oversees the development and implementation of effective global information security policies, standards and procedures

Security Solutions
Financial Services
Secure Your Operations
Security Solutions;Unisys Stealth Wardés/Thought Leader/Leanne-Ward-id-865
​Best Practices: IT Infrastructures & Outsourcing in Asia Pacific

Responsible for all of Unisys IT Infrastructure and outsourcing engagements in Asia Pacific

Managed Services and Outsourcing
Secure Your Operations
Managed Services and Outsourcing Thompson’entreprise/forward-by-unisys/Thought Leader/Jim-Thompson-id-647
Insights into Server and Software Architecture
Responsible for the design, development, integration test, and support of the ClearPath portfolio

Forward by Unisys

Ensure Critical Business Performance;Improve Operational Efficiency;Minimize CAPEX and O&M
High-End Servers;ClearPath Systems;Data Center Consolidation;SAP Migration;UNIX to Linux Migration;Forward by Unisys Cohnécurité/Thought Leader/Mark-Cohn-id-653
Latest IT Innovations for Federal Systems Programs
Directs portfolio strategy and solution development for major Federal Systems programs

Security Solutions
Public Sector;Financial Services
Mobilize Your Workforce;Improve Operational Efficiency;Ensure Critical Business Performance
Security Solutions;Unisys Stealth Stealth Solution Suite Overviewécurité/unisys-stealth/Video/Unisys-Stealth-Solution-Suite-Overview-id-504
​Unisys Stealth Solution Suite Overview
Stealth isolates applications so that only the authorized users can see and access the data
Unisys Stealth
Financial Services
Secure Your Operations
Unisys Stealth Applied Innovation in the Financial Services Industry
Applied Innovation in Financial Services
Unisys helping advance clients’ IT strategies and modernize mission critical environments
Financial Services
Financial Services

Financial Services Industry Solutions in the Moment of Change

​​​​Be in the Moment of Change

Modernize core enablement building blocks - people, processes and technology
Edge Service Management by Unisys

Business Drivers
Edge Service Management by Unisys;Service Management Research Keeping up with the Mobile Trendsettersé/Video/Unisys-Research-Keeping-up-with-the-Mobile-Trendsetters-id-1329
​​​​​Unisys Research Keeping up with the Mobile Trendsetters​​​

​Unisys research reveals a new class of Mobile Trendsetters that are benefitting measurably from mature planning and execution of mobility programs​​
Telecommunications;Financial Services
Mobilize Your Workforce;Optimize Customer Experiences;Improve Operational Efficiency;Business Drivers
Enterprise Mobility



Managing the Increasingly Diverse End-User Environmentés/end-user-services/Point of View Paper/Managing-the-Increasingly-Diverse-End-User-Environment-id-1908
Point of View Paper

​Managing the Increasingly Diverse End-User Environment

Learn how to improve employee productivity and better manage a complex end-user environment.​

Increase Employee Effectiveness
End User Services;Mobility

Unisys France - L’Indice de Sécurité Unisys révèle que plus des trois quarts des français sont inquiets par l’utilisation malintentionnée des données financières et personnelles Release/LIndice-de-Sécurité-Unisys-révèle-que-plus-des-trois-quarts-des-Français-sont-inquiets-par-lutilisation-malintentionnée-des-données-financières-et-personnelles
News Release
L’Indice de Sécurité Unisys révèle que plus des trois quarts des Français sont inquiets par l’utilisation malintentionnée des données financières et personnelles

Paris, le 12 juin 2014 – La dernière édition de l’Indice de Sécurité Unisys pour la France dévoile de fortes préoccupations de la population en termes de sécurité des données personnelles et financières

Unisys France : Unisys augmente la puissance et la flexibilité de ClearPath avec des nouveaux modèles reposant sur une architecture performante Release/Unisys-augmente-la-puissance-et-la-flexibilité-de-ClearPath-avec-des-nouveaux-modèles-reposant-sur-une-architecture-performante
News Release
Unisys augmente la puissance et la flexibilité de ClearPath avec des nouveaux modèles reposant sur une architecture performante
PARIS le 24 juin 2014 – Unisys Corporation annonce 12 nouveaux modèles ClearPath utilisant une architecture avancée s’appuyant sur les processeurs Intel® Xeon®.

The Forrester Wave - North American ITSM Implementation Services Providers - Q2 2014 Reports/the-forrester-wave-north-american-itsm-implementation-services-id-1838
Analyst Reports

​​​​​The Forrester Wave™: North American ITSM Implementation Services Providers, Q2 2014

​​Unisys states that IT has been the “engine room” of the organization but now needs to be the innovator of the business by leveraging technology to differentiate the business’ product offerings. As part of the preparation for this transformation, Unisys brings best practices and prebuilt IP to optimize and automate current processes and to create more self-service channels for users. Unisys supports these services in moving customers to its hosted solution, which is based on BMC Remedy.

Service Management;Edge Service Management by Unisys;Unisys VantagePoint;Data Center Planning Design and Implementation Services;End User Services

Forward! by Unisys eBook Overview’entreprise/forward-by-unisys/eBooks/Forward-by-Unisys-eBook-Overview-id-1920
​Forward! by Unisys eBook Overview
This is an overview eBook with perspectives and views of our clients, partners, analysts​ and Unisys subject matter experts on Forward!.

Forward by Unisys

Forward by Unisys Financial Services Overview’entreprise/forward-by-unisys/Executive Brief/Forward-by-Unisys-Financial-Services-Overview-id-1959
Executive Brief

​Forward! by Unisys Financial Services Overview

The Executive Brief provides an overview of Forward! by Unisys for a high level introduction of partitioned virtualization for mission-critical applications in the Financial Services industry.​​

Financial Services

Forward by Unisys;Financial Services Industry Solutions

Public sector cloud initiative: Enabling the business of government in the News/Public-sector-cloud-initiative-Enabling-the-business-of-government-id-1918
Unisys in the News
​​​Public sector cloud initiative: Enabling the business of government
Cloud is inevitable and public sector enterprises need to keep up with their private sector counterparts if they want to stay ahead of the game.

Public Sector

Understanding Choreographer

​​​Understanding Choreographer

​This whitepaper will help you understand fundamental Choreographer concepts that can be used to form a mental model of how the cloud is architected and managed. Also learn about key choreographer capabilities and use cases.

Globalize Your Operations;Increase Enterprise Agility;Minimize CAPEX and O&M;Transform Business Processes;Business Drivers
Cloud Solutions;Choreographer

Hacker Attack on Banks Shows Need to Lock Down Employee PCs in the News/Hacker-Attack-on-Banks-Shows-Need-to-Lock-Down-Employee-PCs-id-1902
Unisys in the News
​​​​​​​Hacker Attack on Banks Shows Need to Lock Down Employee PCs
The recent cyber-attack on several US banks sent an important message about the increasing power of malware and the need for stronger security measures.

Security Solutions;Unisys Stealth;Stealth for Amazon Web Services;Stealth for Mobile;Stealth for Network Security

Applied Innovation Webinar Series’application/Webinars/applied-innovation-webinar-series-id-1255

​​​​​​​​​​Applied Innovation Webinar Series

​Join Unisys Subject Matter Experts and featured Forrester Research speakers on the following on demand webinars highlighting current industry challenges, innovative solutions and client experiences.

Financial Services
Ensure Critical Business Performance;Secure Your Operations
Application Services;Social Business

TravelSky Taps Power of Unisys ClearPath Technology to Meet Requirements of China's Growing Aviation Sector’entreprise/clearpath-systems/News Release/TravelSky-Taps-Power-of-Unisys-ClearPath
News Release

​​TravelSky Taps Power of Unisys ClearPath Technology to Meet Requirements of China's Growing Aviation Sector

BLUE BELL, Pa., October 13, 2014 - Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that TravelSky, the leading provider of information technology solutions for China's air travel and tourism industry, has deepened its longstanding commitment to Unisys ClearPath technology in a new contract.


ClearPath Systems;High-End Servers;Transportation Industry Solutions;ClearPath Dorado Systems

​Unisys Strengthens Analytics Capabilities of Forward! Platform’entreprise/forward-by-unisys/News Release/Unisys-Strengthens-Analytics-Capabilities-of-Forward-Platform-by-Signing-OEM-and-Managed-Cloud-Agreements-with-SAP
News Release

​Unisys Strengthens Analytics Capabilities of Forward! Platform by Signing OEM and Managed-Cloud Agreements with SAP

DALLAS, TX, October 14, 2014 - Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that it has signed an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with SAP (NYSE: SAP) and plans to provide managed cloud services for the SAP HANA® platform.

Forward by Unisys;SAP Migration;Data Center Planning Design and Implementation Services;Cloud Solutions;Managed Services and Outsourcing Service Management by Unisys
Edge Service Management by Unisys

​Edge Service Management by Unisys

Ensure Critical Business Performance;Minimize CAPEX and O&M;Optimize Customer Experiences Stealthécurité/unisys-stealth/Offerings/Unisys-Stealth-id-1033
Unisys Stealth
Unisys Stealth

Mobilize Your Workforce

Disruptive IT Trends! By Unisys’entreprise/forward-by-unisys/Offerings/Forward!-By-Unisys-id-651
Forward by Unisys

​Forward! By Unisys

Improve Operational Efficiency
Financial Services;Telecommunicationsé/Offerings/Mobility -id-942
Public Sector;Retail;Transportation
Mobilize Your Workforce

Disruptive IT Trends Business
Social Business
Social Business
Increase Employee Effectiveness;Optimize Customer Experiences